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今回も協力したらSTDS貰えるかも・・・? まぁ買ったほうが早いんですけど。

You might have learned from some hints on the blog that Scania Truck Driving Simulator is already being translated, both by professional translators from the game's publishers as well as with the big help of volunteers from our fan community. We are using the same approach that we used for Trucks & Trailers - the crowd-sourcing method - but so far we have kept the translation away from the eyes of the public. We only invited a few accomplished people we knew we could trust from their past involvement to play the role of moderators when we bring in more translators one day.

That day is coming now. We have many of the languages in solid quality already, but we could use additional translation power to cover more languages for countries where we know we have fans eager to play the games as well. And we hope we can involve our fan community again to serve the needs of the community.

We are not going to open the floodgates to anybody though. The experience with Trucks & Trailers was such that there were too many participants eager to "score easy points" and rather than putting to service their braincells to come up with a quality translation, they used Google Translate. The result was too much noise in the system, too many quarrels and quite some frustration.

If you want to help, and if you feel up to the challenge to do a good quality translation, please contact us by e-mail at info (at) scssoft.com. Write us a few lines explaining why you are the right person to get the invitation (yes, we are going to look at your text to get an impression about your command of the English language). Do not post your e-mail here in the comments, get in touch with us directly!

Thank you in advance for your help - this is the only economically viable method to have the game translated into languages which are typically mostly ignored even by big game publishers. In fact was have seen that the quality of the resulting translation can achieve very high standard. Many of you know the proper trucking and logistics terminology, unlike "generic" translators typically used by translation agencies.

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